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CV Checklist - Accounting and Finance CV examples | GAAPweb

CV Checklist - Writing a good CV

A well structured CV highlights your key skills and achievements and provides a chronological overview of your work experience in related roles.

Creating a CV is not a one off task. Your CV needs to be continually updated to do the job of selling you to a potential employer. If you don't keep your CV up to date, you are missing out on the opportunity to demonstrate your latest (and most sought after) skills.

A strong CV should sell your skills and experience so that an employer wants to find out more about you. Your CV is the first opportunity you’ll have to really show your value to a company, so don’t be shy about demonstrating how good you are.

Begin with a convincing personal statement that clearly identifies where you are in your accountancy career, for example: ‘Part-qualified accountant currently studying for ACA qualification. I have two years’ work experience at a large FTSE 100 multinational company, and am fluent in Spanish and German.

You can then list your professional experience, qualifications and CPD hours. Substantiate all your achievements by discussing specific actions you took and the results achieved. Outline the impact or benefit that came out of your contribution and provide examples and evidence of costs reduced, budgets managed and company growth.

By presenting a clear and concise document that encourages a recruiter to take a closer look at your skills, experience and key achievements; you’ll be one step closer to your next accountancy job.


Here are some of our top tips for writing a strong CV:

  • Keep it concise - Your CV should be no longer than 2 pages (3 if you have 10+ years of experience).
  • Don’t include personal information such as date of birth, nationality, marital status or a photo.


  • Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. Assess the key skills and experience required for the role and make sure these skills are on your CV.


  • Reverse chronology of experience – List all your work experience in reverse chronological order (most recent first) and include the dates (month and year) when you worked there. If there are any gaps in your employment ensure that you have an explanation (e.g. travelling, maternity leave).
  • Sell your skills and expertise - If you’re a graduate or newly qualified accountant with little work experience, highlight the qualifications you’ve earned and include relevant extracurricular achievements and experience you’ve undertaken. Focus on skills you’ve acquired that are transferable such as computer skills or data management.
  • Don’t just list skills without demonstrating them. If you say you’re able to deal with people at senior level make sure you support each statement with a example of when you’ve demonstrated the skill.


  • Don’t include your hobbies but if you are just starting out and have interests that demonstrate your aptitude for the role you are applying for then you can include these on your CV.


  • Stay clear of jargon and clichés – the job advert may have been full of them but your CV shouldn’t be.


  • Proofread and spell check - Check your CV thoroughly for any spelling or grammar errors. 


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