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Career Guide: What Roles Can I Apply for as a Part Qualified Accountant?

Written by: Evie Courtier
Published on: 11 Jan 2024

PQ Accounntants

Part-Qualified Accountant Jobs present an increase in growth across GAAPweb, with the application rate soaring by 80% year-on-year. For employers, Part-Qualified candidates bring with them a desire for self-improvement and continued learning, alongside dedication and long-term commitment. With PQ Accountants acquiring practical skills across their tenure to help further their chance of progression within the company/firm, the hiring of a PQ Accountant yields benefits for both candidate and employer.

With the demand augmenting across the Part-Qualified market, we turn to the various career paths available for part-qualified accountants, whether you’re starting out, or looking to change direction:

Assistant Accountant:

Those in Assistant Accountant jobs play a crucial role in the financial management and accounting functions of an organisation or accountancy practice. As an Assistant, your responsibilities will most likely encompass a wide range of accounting tasks, conducted under the guidance of a Senior Accountant or Financial Manager. Duties will include:

• Assisting in the preparation of financial statements.
• Handling basic bookkeeping and data entry.
• Supporting senior accountants in various accounting tasks.

Working as an Assistant Accountant can provide a stepping stone to a profitable career; typically earning around the £31,875 per year mark (according to our latest Audience Insight Report).

For more detail, discover our Assistant Accountant Job Description.

Accounts Payable / Receivable Clerk:

Accounts Payable jobs entail the management of a company's financial obligations to vendors, suppliers, and creditors. The primary responsibility of an Accounts Payable professional lies with ensuring that all invoices are accurately recorded, processed, and paid in a timely manner while adhering to the company's policies and procedures.

Day-to-day duties will see you:

• Managing invoicing and payments (Accounts Receivable).
• Handling supplier invoices and payments (Accounts Payable).
• Reconciling accounts and resolving discrepancies.

According to our annual salary survey, those working in Accounts Payable jobs, can earn up to £31,000. With 44% taking home an additional bonus last year, Accounts Payable roles offer a strong starting salary and foundation for progression.

Dive into the detail with our Accounts Payable Job Description.

Financial Analyst / FP&A Analyst:

The remit of FP&A Analyst jobs surrounds providing senior management with the information, analysis and forecasts required to make important business decisions. FP&A Analysts spend much of their day-to-day analysing operational and financial data, building vast databases, and preparing reports. Basic duties involve:

• Analysing past financial performance, preparing competitor analysis, and examining market trends along with commentary for management.
• Evaluating new and existing projects, investments, and assets to determine their validity and appraise their value.
• Building annual budgets and forecasts for different business units and consolidating into one master budget.

Our FP&A Analyst Job Description expands on the specifics, career progression, and perks of working as a Financial Analyst.

Tax Assistant:

If you’re interested in a specialist career path, it might be worth entering the tax field. Working in a Tax Assistant job takes you beyond the usual remit of an accountancy role, enhancing your knowledge within a specialist area of financial expertise. Your primary role will range from assisting with the preparation of tax documentation, filing, and organising tax returns.

As a basis, you will focus on:

• Gathering and organising financial documents, including income statements, expense records, and receipts.
• Inputting data into tax preparation software or spreadsheets.
• Calculating taxable income, deductions, and credits.

Working in the tax sector offers great career progression, to Tax Director level, alongside the chance to earn up to £70,938. 67% of respondents received a salary boost in 2023, with 54% of Tax Specialists taking home an additional bonus supplement.


Auditing refers to the process of assessing and analysing a company’s financial records, ensuring that they comply with accounting standards, laws, and regulations. Working in an Audit Job places you in a position of authority, providing assurance and credibility to an organisation. In your day-to-day Audit, you can expect to focus on:

• Planning and identifying the scope of the audit, developing procedures and determining a timeline.
• Data analysis: identifying trends, patterns and anomalies that may indicate potential areas of risk.
• Report writing: summarising findings and providing recommendations for improvement.

Auditors earn £67,500 per year on average, a 14% uplift on 2022 figures. It’s good to note that salary will naturally be impacted by location, sector, and seniority.

Read our Audit Job Description to help further your career as a Part-Qualified Auditor.

Management Accountant:

Management Accountant jobs; a role which sees you analysing crucial financial information to optimise and improve financial planning across a business. Working as a Management Accountant places you in a strategic role, helping your company or firm to set its budget, forecast its future profit and earnings, manage its investments and reduce its expenditure.

As a PQ Management Accountant, you will be:

• Producing financial statements including profit and loss accounts, budgets, monthly management accounts, and cash flow.
• Reporting on company assets and accountabilities, such as balance sheet account reconciliations.
• Providing management reporting in the form of project appraisal, evaluation and post-implementation examination.

As noted in our Management Accountant Job Description, salaries commence at £44,627 on average.


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