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Crafting a Winning Finance Manager CV: Essential Tips and Examples

Written by: Evie Courtier
Published on: 22 Mar 2024

Crafting a Winning Finance Manager CV

Finance Manager jobs are in high demand across GAAPweb, with applications increasing year-on-year. The popularity of finance management makes the pool of candidate competition seemingly harder to navigate; yet, with a stand out CV, you can impress recruiters, navigate applicant tracking systems (ATS), and ultimately secure your new Finance Manager job.

Your CV must serve as a comprehensive yet concise roadmap of your professional journey, underscoring pertinent skills, experiences and qualifications that make you an ideal candidate to steer a company's financial strategy. This article dives into an array of examples, tips, and templates to help you create a compelling Finance Manager CV.

While there’s no universal blueprint to follow when curating a CV for a Finance Manager role, we recommend adhering to a generic structure to provide recruiters and employers with the essential information they require at the tip of their fingers.

  • Personal Statement / Overview / Summary

    Beneath your personal details, you should compose a short paragraph highlighting your key positions, skills and achievements. This - your personal statement - should demonstrate the direction of your resume, with clear and defined objectives for your next role. As an example:

    “Fully qualified ACCA Accountant and 1st class economics degree holder with training from a leading accountancy firm and over 8 years of experience gained within the finance teams of two global multi-million-pound insurance businesses. Technology savvy with a proven track record of monitoring and maintaining the financial health of internal financial systems. Team leadership skills gained through completion of an MBA and refined through 3 years as a Finance Manager.”

  • Highlight Relevant Skills

    Follow your personal statement with a list of hard, technical skills and accreditations unique to the job advert. The skills section is for hard professional skills that showcase your ability to conduct the job, moving away from soft transferable skills, such as ‘team work’, ‘communication’, and ‘interpersonal skills’. If you’re applying for your first Finance Manager role, quantify the skills you have that make you an ideal candidate for progression, from financial reporting, risk management and budgeting, to forecasting, and strategic planning.



    “Skilled in financial reporting and analysis.


    Adept at budgeting and forecasting.


    Expert in research and analysis for succinct interpretation of complex data.”

  • Employment History

    Starting with your current or most recent role, work in reverse chronology through your employment history including employer names, positions held, and time spent in each role. While it can be easy to presume that your previous titles and companies will speak for themselves at the level of Finance Manager, you should always be prepared to quantify your work experience and output. Equally, it can be easy to list all your responsibilities in a role without any context; it is vital to strike a balance.

    Using facts and figures, briefly outline the size and value of the companies you have worked for, before listing not only your responsibilities but your achievements in each role.


    “As Finance Manager at XYZ Ltd., I led a team of five and managed a budget of £2 million. Implemented cost-saving measures that reduced expenses by 15%.”

  • Professional Qualifications and Education

    Your qualifications should be listed in reverse chronological order. Include any relevant certifications or professional memberships that demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning in the field of finance.


    “MSc in Finance from ABC University, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Member of the Institute of Financial Managers.”

  • Finance Manager CV Example Statements

    Using bullet points, clear headings, and a simple font, your CV should demonstrate strong, quantifiable examples of your career to date.



    “Overseeing and managing a budget of £2 million across all major financial functions in the business.


    Managing, motivating and encouraging the personal and professional development of a finance team of 5.


    Analysing and interpreting complex financial data to implement cost-saving measures, reducing expenses by 15%.


    Overseeing budget forecasting and preparation, analysing financial trends to make projections…”

  • Final Tips

    Tailor Your CV to the Job Description


    Always ensure that your CV aligns with the job description. Use keywords from the job advert in your CV to help secure your success with an ATS and recruiter.

    For example, if the job description mentions 'risk management', include this term in your CV: “Experienced in implementing risk management strategies.”

    Keep It Concise


    Aim for a CV that is no longer than two pages. Keep your sentences short and to the point, avoiding jargon and unnecessary details.


    “Managed a portfolio of £3 million, achieving a 10% return on investment.”