What Employers Want: The top six non-finance skills for finance leaders - Part 2

Published on: 18 Apr 2016

Part Two | Forward thinking and interpersonal skills
In this three part series; Cedar looks at the increased emphasis on soft skills when hiring a finance leader. In part 1 we looked at leadership and risk taking skills but what else do employers want?

3. Forward thinking
Finance professionals that are now most in demand are enthusiastic about the company brand and its products/ services and engage at a consumer level to drive potential new products and ideas. You are now required to challenge the present state of the business and are no longer expected to just keep a handle on just the finance alone.

Openness, adaptability and opportunism are vital to your success in the current business climate. Employers now seek people who demonstrate adaptability and can keep pace with fast moving market trends in a consumer led environment. Employers are also looking for people who have an intuition for what might come next and will be continuously looking ahead or thinking “what if?”

4. Strong Interpersonal skills
With Finance departments now rarely siloed from the rest of the business, the need for strong interpersonal and effective communication skills are now also high on the list of our client’s requirements. In order to communicate effectively you need to be people-people, popular and likeable in order to effectively influence and partner stakeholders to affect informed business decision-making. Employers repeatedly ask for finance leaders who can influence and build meaningful alliances with external partners and managing a diverse and often international team to commercial success.

Look out for Part Three next week which looks at the need for finance leaders with effective communication and strong commercial acumen.

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