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Does the Gender Pay Gap Exist in the Finance and Accountancy Profession?

Written by: Joshua Boynton
Published on: 8 Mar 2022

Each year, GAAPweb and sister site TotallyLegal – the number one UK jobsite for legal professionals – both publish Audience Insight Reports that use contributions from professionals to evaluate the state of their respective industries. In these Audience Insight Reports, a meticulous eye is cast over the emerging statistics in order to uncover the trends and statistics that the professional communities will most care about.

For several years, the GAAPweb team has noticed a prominent trend in the annual reports – the gender pay gap – and this trend has continued to persist in our latest Audience Insight Report. In previous years, there has been a considerable gap in earnings between male and female finance professionals. This year’s edition brought up some concerning statistics that suggest the gender pay gap is enduring, though, there are some reasons for optimism.

The GAAPweb team looks at an array of factors and variables to determine the severity and pervasiveness of the gender pay gap, which helps the wider community understand what might need to be done to eradicate this inequitable treatment.

For insights into the accountancy and finance profession – and an understanding of how it interacts with gender pay discrepancies – take a look at our findings. You can find the article by following this link.