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How can you get valuable work experience?

Published on: 28 Sep 2015

Getting on the career ladder in your chosen field can be extremely difficult, especially when recruiters will want you to have some work experience. But getting working experience is a crucial way of getting yourself noticed in the job search and also gives you the opportunity to put your accountancy knowledge into practice and the chance to see what areas you enjoy.

Transferable skills – If you don’t have any accountancy experience think of the transferable skills you may have. You could have gained these skills from previous jobs, university projects, voluntary work, sports or hobbies. For example, as captain of a football team you would have developed key skills in leadership, team work and motivation.

Here are our top tips for finding work experience:

Your network

Many opportunities will come from your network of contacts. Start with friends and family and find out if they know anyone working in accountancy who they could help you approach to ask about work experience.

Expand your network

Expand your network by meeting the right people at networking events. Check out websites such as to see if there are any suitable networks in your area. Visit careers fairs and industry conferences to meet contacts in your field and employers.

You can also network online. Follow industry experts on Twitter and other social networks.


Check out websites such as and which advertise voluntary opportunities in your area. You can specifically search for Finance and Accountancy opportunities.

Speculative Opportunities

Contact local businesses to see if they are able to offer you a week of unpaid work experience. Work experience is a great way to get your foot in the door and can lead to a permanent role.

Temporary Work

Many recruiters will take on temporary staff during busy periods such as year end. Register with a number of accountancy Recruitment Consultants advertising on GAAPweb and let them know that you’re looking for temporary jobs.

GAAPweb will be attending a number of graduate fairs across the UK including:

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