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Increase in demand for Finance Directors on GAAPweb

Written by: Rosie Evans
Published on: 4 Nov 2015

Finance Director Roles

Finance Directors make up the largest proportion of our audience with 15% of respondents to our latest salary survey being in this group. On GAAPweb, we provide support and guidance for those looking for new Finance Director jobs and career advice on how to become a Finance Director.

In recent months, GAAPweb experienced a 28% increase in demand for Finance Director candidates. The biggest demand was seen in the Manufacturing/Engineering sector (14%) followed by Business Services (11%), Consumer/FMCG (10%) and Technology (10%).

Finance Director Salaries

In our recent survey, we found that 67% of Finance Directors received a pay increase compared to 65% in the previous survey. Finance Directors were the second highest paid job title, after CFOs, with an average salary of £105,324. On top of strong salaries, 62% of Finance Directors received a bonus.

Looking at the gender pay gap, Finance Director salaries only have a 2% difference between the genders, with females earning slightly less.

Finance Director roles across the UK

On GAAPweb you can apply for the latest Finance Director roles across the UK including:

• Finance Director jobs in London
• Finance Director jobs in Manchester
• Finance Director jobs in the West Midlands

In our latest survey, we found that 71% of Finance Director roles are hybrid or remote, with only 29% of these roles fully office based. You can browse the latest hybrid/remote Finance Director jobs on GAAPweb today.

Finance Director jobs on GAAPweb

In our Finance Director job description article, we explore the skills and qualifications you will need to secure your next Finance Director role.

Alternatively, if you're ready to apply for your next role, you can search the latest Finance Director jobs on GAAPweb today.