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Senior Finance Professionals In High Demand

Written by: Evie Courtier
Published on: 1 Sep 2023

Senior finance professionals in high demand

The loyal GAAPweb community covers a variety of job roles, from Financial Director’s to Accounts Payable, with those in senior roles taking prominence (54% of our audience). According to our latest salary survey, our workforce points to a highly experienced and ambitious audience, with three-quarters sporting over 10 years of professional experience. Alongside this, almost half (49%) have been in their current role for 4+ years.

With applications for senior finance jobs on the rise, we’ve detailed the sought-after industries, job titles, and industry trends, to keep you on top of the financial recruitment game.

Finance Directors:

Those working in Finance Director jobs make up the largest proportion of our audience, at 15%. In recent months, GAAPweb experienced a 28% increase in demand for Finance Director candidates, with yearly applications rising by 68% on average.

The widest demand was seen in the Manufacturing / Engineering sector (14%) followed by Business Services (11%), Consumer/FMCG (10%) and Technology (10%).

In our latest salary survey, it was revealed that 67% of Finance Directors received a pay increase in 2023. The second highest paid job title, following CFOs, Finance Directors take home an attractive six-figure salary of £105,324 on average per annum. Alongside strong starting salaries, 62% of Finance Directors received a bonus.

Increasing in line with candidate demand, 71% of Finance Director roles are now hybrid or remote. Discover the latest hybrid/remote Finance Director jobs to enhance your flexible working perks.

The 71% satisfaction rate of those in Finance Director jobs equates to both men and women, with the gender pay gap standing at a mere 2% difference, offering men £105,789 on average, compared to £104,198 for female employees. With the national gender pay gap standing at 22%, Finance Director’s hold a prominent position in the race for gender pay parity.

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For further career advice on how to become a Finance Director, visit our dedicated blog. See our Finance Director job description for further detail.

Finance Managers:

With a 34% year-on-year increase in applications, Finance Manger jobs on GAAPweb retain their demand. Most popular in the Banking and Financial sector (up 52% year-on-year), Education and Training (up 40%), and Insurance (up 120%).

The average salary of a Finance Manager currently stands at £56,823 per annum. Within our Finance Manager niche, 61% received a pay rise in 2023. Alongside this, 43% took home an additional supplementary bonus. In line with Finance Director roles, 66% of Finance Manager jobs are now hybrid or remote.

Whilst the challenge to achieve gender parity in senior roles continues, 2023 brings us some subtle breakthroughs, with 52% of Finance Manager jobs now held by women. Despite the rise in representation, the pay gap stands at 8%, with male colleagues earning around £5,000 more on average per annum than their female counterparts.

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For further career advice, have a read of our Finance Manager job description.


CFOs, also known as Chief Financial Officer’s make up 7% of our audience. For those in CFO jobs, the average salary averages £111,076 per annum, a 11% drop on 2022 figures. Despite this, 47% of CFOs on site received a pay increase this year, with 43% awarded an additional bonus.

This year brings an increased demand for CFOs in the Manufacturing / Engineering sector (up 31% year-on-year), and Business Services (up 52%). In the world of hybrid and remote work, 67% of CFOs currently conduct a hybrid role. Despite the surge in hybrid working, average overtime hours of a CFO stands at 8+ additional hours per week. With 2023 presenting a slight decrease in those working way above their dedicated hours, we’re left wondering whether the increased uptake of remote work will result in lesser overtime for CFOs in the coming years.

In regards to gender representation, a mere 18% of CFO positions are held by women. This being said, 2023 has brought a year of pay parity for CFOs, showing a sign of promise for the profession.

Discover our ‘how to become a CFO’ career guide for more information.

Moving forwards:

If you are currently working in a Management Accountant, Financial Accountant job or similar mid-level finance role and feel you have begun to outgrow your current job title, apply for the next step up to Manager or Director level. Alternatively, if you already operate as a Finance Manager and feel ready for a bigger challenge, consider applying for a Finance Director or CFO position.

Regardless of which level jobs you apply for next, ensure that you’re visible to recruiters and prospective employers - receive the latest opportunities by uploading your CV to the GAAPweb database.

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