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The GAAPweb Salary Insight Report is available now

Published on: 20 Mar 2019

In Autumn 2018, we asked the GAAPweb audience to give us an insight into their daily working lives.

Over 2,000 Finance and Accountancy professionals responded with answers that revealed an educated, high calibre audience, with 83% holding a degree and 59% currently in senior positions such as Finance Manager, Finance Director and CFO.

Encouragingly, our report finds that the representation of women in Finance is increasing and, in several key job titles, women are out-earning their male equivalents.

However, behind this basic job title and pay rise data, we discovered that Finance and Accountancy still suffers from extensive gender disparity and females continue to encounter inadequate representation in high paid, senior-level roles.

Download our Salary Insight Report to discover:

  • Average salaries by job title, sector, qualification and location
  • Salary increases by job title
  • The gender pay gap across sectors and job titles