Transform your finance career with a move to Dubai

Published on: 9 Jun 2016

Excuse the cliché, but in my opinion, Dubai is the true Land of Opportunity.  A city of extremes in many ways; extravagant and overindulgent at times, it’s easy to forget that the UAE is less than 50 years old. Determined to hang on to its cultural heritage, the Arab Emirate continues to gallop into the 21st century, with the Expo 2020 keeping everyone inspired and moving forward.

Having moved here three years ago from London, I now consider the UAE home. It’s fair to say that you can expect to experience the good, bad and ugly that is typical of any large metropolitan city in the modern world. Working and living in Dubai can be exhilarating and exacerbating in equal measure but if you arrive here with an open mind and are sensitive to the cultural norms of the region you’ll be just fine.

The most obvious of benefits is the Tax-free income. One of the major attractions for expats looking to work in Dubai is that the government does not impose any tax on personal salaries. This also results in a higher disposable income per capita, making Dubai a very attractive place for work. The lack of taxes is also largely felt when buying a car and even more so when it comes to refuelling it at a snippet of the usual price back home.
Similar to London, Dubai has established itself as a very foreigner-friendly destination. Over 80% of Dubai’s population is expats from all over the world, resulting in an internationally diverse work force. It still amazes me how many International companies are only just arriving in Dubai, meaning opportunities a plenty for employees with transferrable skills that can help fast track their careers.
As stated earlier, Dubai is a relatively young economy despite advancing at a rapid rate, Dubai is still behind the curve in almost every sectors of industry. Therefore, it is largely dependent on the expat population to provide the necessary skills and expertise. This makes for a great opportunity for professionals who are looking to work or set up their businesses in Dubai.

Although compensation and benefits for professionals are not what they once used to be, most employers still offer an attractive salary package that includes, at a minimum 25 days holiday, comprehensive health insurance, and once-a-year airline tickets to fly to your home country.

Also, unlike other parts of the world, Dubai has focussed on a greater trend towards a better work-life balance and it’s something I hear my clients echoing on a regular basis.

Location, location, location. My personal favourite reason for being an expat in Dubai. The location alone makes it an ideal hub for many businesses and residents alike. Less than 6 hours of flying time from the majority of the world’s major business destinations including Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Finally, Dubai is currently the ‘in place’ with many celebs choosing Dubai as there annual holiday, so it’s hardly surprising that it also has world class attractions, entertainment and a dynamic night life for after-work amusement, making it a highly desirable and attractive place to work and live in.

If you’re interested in a move yourself, contact the Dubai team at Argyll Scott.

Chris McCann
Recruitment Manager
Argyll Scott