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Career Advice Q&A Twitter Session

Published on: 21 Sep 2015

GAAPweb and Personal Career Management held a Twitter Q&A session, providing career advice to job seekers. Corinne Mills, Managing Director at Personal Career Management, answered questions sent through with #AskCorinne.

Here is a roundup of some of the questions we received:

Q: I went travelling for a year so I have a career gap. Do I include this?

A: Yes, include it – just mention that during this time you went travelling. But reassure employers in your profile that you are now ready to settle down into new employment.

Q: My CV covers 4 pages, is this OK?

A: It should normally be 2 pages, but if you’ve done lots of project work or are an academic then longer is ok. You can go over 2 pages but your CV needs to be clear, concise and relevant.

Q: What information do I need to include in my personal profile?

A: Reflect the job you want. Include the skills and experience the employer wants to see. For further information view ‘What should be included in your CV’.

Q: I left my previous job due to my Dad being ill. Should I include the reason for leaving my previous job?

A: Put career break as the reason for the gap without specifying what it is. You can explain at interview if needed.

Q: I’m a mum returner looking for flexible working. Any advice?

A: Aim to impress them enough with your #CV that they are open to flexible working. I’d suggest that you write in your covering letter/email the hours you could be available to work.

Q: What personal details do I need to include?

A: Full contact details so they can easily get hold of you. Rights to work if not clear. But don’t include marital status, religion, children or any other personal information unless it is relevant to that specific job.

Q: I’ve seen some people add a photo to their CV, what would you suggest?

A: No photo needed, unless applying for jobs in other countries or if you are in the Media/Entertainment industry.

Q: I usually email my CV. Do I still need a cover letter?

A: Use the body of the email for your cover letter. No need to attach it as a document.

Q: I hear recruiters will just scan a CV. How do you attract their attention?

A: Make your profile directly relevant to the role – show you have what they need. Then they will read it fully. Also include plenty of relevant keywords for the role so CV databases can pick it up for shortlisting.