Writing your first professional ACA CV?

Written by: Hamzah Manir
Published on: 26 Sep 2012

Hamzah joined Marks Sattin in July 2011 after studying Accounting & Financial Management at Loughborough University. Since joining the company Hamzah has developed an extensive knowledge of the ACA market and is renowned for building strong relations with his network of candidates, offering support and impartial career advice.

What employers want to see on a newly qualified ACA's CV…

The Newly Qualified ACA job market is one of the most fiercely competed markets in the UK, you must differentiate yourself from your peers and competition if you want to access the best positions. Creating an updated ACA CV is the first step to success.

Your CV is a representation of you. This information must be an honest account, but also sell your skills to prospective employers. A good CV should demonstrate your capability knowledge and experience without too much waffle. 

5 Steps to consider:

1. Your personal details

Sounds obvious but every year we receive CVs that don't include this information. Always include an email address – most of you won't be able to answer the phone during the day, in which case we may send information to your email so you can review and return the call when it's more convenient.

2. The professional profile

With employers looking for candidates who stand out of the crowd, this is a great opportunity to sell yourself and give your CV some personality.

3. Professional experience

Placing emphasis on your skills/responsibilities before client information ensures your CV has the necessary punch to make an impact. You should always avoid repetition. Here you want to demonstrate continued skills across clients such as IFRS, SoX, Risk/Controls, Staff Management etc.

4. Client experience

Now this is what most of our clients are interested in. As many of your peers will have a similar skill set, your client exposure will separate you from the competition. Clients will vary in size and so will your responsibilities depending upon the Audit. We suggest placing your three main clients here. Each client should have a brief description of what they do and an idea of turnover.

5. Education

This information is very important to prospective employers. You should include all subjects, grades and places where you studied from school through to university. If you undertook a placement year in industry or a Masters Degree, you should include this information here.

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