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As a successful financial professional, have you ever considered running your own business, or perhaps the option of a portfolio type career?

For many, the opportunity to take control of one’s destiny, have a flexible lifestyle, work with a diverse range of portfolio clients, and be well rewarded in relation to effort is often a dream longed for…and then parked!

Well, now there is a real alternative

EFM’s successful associate programme is expanding and we invite you to come on board and be part of our team. Our trusted and effective business model offers you complete flexibility – all the benefits of self-employment, with minimised risk and maximum support.

  1. A proven successful business model, tried and tested by many associates across the UK
  2. The opportunity to achieve your financial objectives whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle
  3. A track record of delivering leads and new clients for Associates
  4. An advisory board at your disposal who have all ‘been there and done it’
  5. Your own coach and mentor to help you get started, with specific sales and marketing expertise
  6. A vital induction programme to develop key skills required to run and grow your own business
  7. An extensive contact and support network and regular peer-to-peer sessions to share best practice and opportunities
  8. Significant investment in marketing the brand and generating leads for the network.

With ever increasing pressures across the economy and the challenge to finding interesting, financially rewarding employment, the appeal of starting a business has never been stronger. We can guarantee that this is one area of the economy where business truly is booming.

We invite you to join EFM and be part of this growth and success!

T:01582 516300      E:recruitment@efm.uk.com

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